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Because the Mill Creek TIFID is part of a premier Brownfield Site, much of the environmental due diligence has already been performed on the site.

In 1883, the Anaconda Copper Mining Company was in need of a place to process the rich copper ore deposits mined in Butte. The city of Anaconda was born soon after as a company town and the smelter operations began. Mineral processing inAnaconda ended in 1980 with the closure of the smelter.

Recent years have seen large-scale cleanup in and around Butte and Anaconda associated with these historic mining activities. The TIFID site is located just southeast of Anaconda Company’s Smelter Hill, and with soil remediation completed the TIFID site is ready for productive industrial re-use of the land.

Northwest Energy recently constructed the David Gates Generating Station in the Mill Creek area and is located at the northern boundary of the TIFID. Other successful developments on remediated land in the Anaconda area include the Old Works Golf Course and the Anaconda East Yards development.

  • For detailed information on environmental related issues at the Mill Creek TIFID, the ADLC Development Permit Office can be contacted by calling Carl Nyman at 406-563-4200. The Development Permit Office will help guide potential developers through any environmental related issues in the TIFID using the Development Permit Process, further discussed on the Permitting Page.
  • In 2014, a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) was completed, detailing possible development and utility solutions for the TIFID. An excerpt from that report is available below and may be useful in development planning.
PER Excerpt