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Premier Industries LLC

Located in the Mill Creek TIFID, has brought together a select group of Metallurgical, Business Development and Industry Specific Specialists, to prove a proprietary process that would recover the metallic iron from the Copper Refining Slag (CRS) piled near Anaconda and convert the remaining molten glassy material into a value-added product – Glass Proppant. The processing method produces very little waste leaving virtually nothing behind.

Currently, Premier is actively doing business in or providing services for several organizations in both industries and market segments. This includes but is not limited to, major oil companies and oil field service companies related to material supply, drilling, hydraulic fracturing and environmental cleanup. The domestic production and sale of Foundry Grade Pig Iron and Glass Proppant will be well received by North American based organizations and companies.

North Western Energy’s Dave Gates Generating Station

North Western Energy (NWE) is an electric and natural gas utility that serves approximately 656,000 customers in the western two-thirds of Montana, eastern South Dakota, and central Nebraska. Stable grid operation is challenging, especially when intermittent and unpredictable renewable generation is added to the generation mix. The Dave Gates plant, located adjacent to the Mill Creek TIFID, is designed to provide regulation service to NWE’s transmission balancing authority to balance generation and load on a moment-to-moment basis, as well as provide regulation for the integration of renewables.

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Montana Resources

Located in Butte, is one of the largest employers in the area. Montana Resources operates an open pit copper and molybdenum mine in Butte, Montana. The operation comprises the Continental mine, crushers and a concentrator facility where tons of raw ore are processed into high-quality metal concentrates. Montana Resources serves an international market for these important metals.

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REC Silicon

Located at the intersection of I-90 and I-15, is the world’s largest supplier of Silane Gas (SiH4) and other Specialty Gases for semiconductor, flat panel display, glass, and solar applications. It is also owns the largest ISO silane gas module fleet in the industry, and employs nearly 300 people.

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Located in Anaconda, continues a tradition of excellence in modern and innovative technological processes. AFFCO provides its resource based customers with an incomparable variety of manufactured products and services of uncommon quality and workmanship.

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Montana Precision Products

Located in Butte, 30 miles from the TIFID provides world class net shape castings & welded assemblies in partnership with our customers through teamwork, technical innovation and continual improvement.

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Sun Mountain Lumber

Located in Deer Lodge, Sun Mountain Logging is a full service timber harvesting company that has been in business for over 30 years. In addition, the Forestry team at Sun Mountain Lumber has many years of experience helping private landowners achieve their objectives on forested property.

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Jordan Contracting

A heavy construction contracting company in the Anaconda area. They have significant resources to apply to both large and small projects and employ excellent project managers that can help make your project a success.  Jordan is a large employer in the Anaconda area and has staff from Anaconda, Butte, and the surrounding area.

Community Hospital of Anaconda

Located in Anaconda, is the home of a comprehensive, talented medical community which provides award-winning services for Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, General Surgery, Neurosciences, Orthopedics, Emergency Medicine, Podiatry, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, and Ophthalmology.

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Community, Counseling and Correctional Services

CCCS is a nonprofit organization created to assist people exiting correctional institutions to re-enter society. CCCS has two facilities near Anaconda and is a major employer in the area.

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Located in AWARE Anaconda, helps people with challenging mental health, emotional, and in some instances, physical disabilities live independent lives, birth through adulthood. Founded in 1976 as a nonprofit corporation, AWARE delivers services for children and families. AWARE employs 1,400 employees in 37 communities across Montana.

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Copper Environmental Consulting

Our team serves clients in the public and private sectors with a collective wealth of knowledge and skill in the areas of civil and environmental engineering, water resources and hydrology, geochemistry, chemical engineering, environmental consulting and permitting, surveying and GIS analysis, data management, occupational health and safety, municipal/land development, and construction and project management.

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Water Environmental Technologies

W.E.T. was formed by a diverse group of experienced engineering and environmental consulting professionals serving a wide variety of clients throughout Montana and the Pacific Northwest. WET provides investigation, cleanup, engineering design, site development and permitting services for customers in the Northwest.

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