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Transportation & Shipping

The Mill Creek TIFID is ideally situated in a Transportation Hub. In addition to being at the intersection of I-90 and I-15, the TIFID is near BNSF and Union Pacific Rail Lines.


Situated approximately 15 miles west of the intersection of I-90 and I-15 makes this it an ideal location for easy access to interstate commerce.

Air Travel

Four large airports are available within 90 minutes of the TIFID making travel easy and accessible. These airports include service to various airlines including Delta, United, Alaska, American, Frontier, Allegiant, and Jet Suite.  Each of the airports also have excellent General Aviation Facilities.  Anaconda also has a General Aviation airport within 5 miles of the TIFID.


The site is accessible by significant rail infrastructure including:

Strategically located in Southwestern Montana at the cross connection of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific Railways and the juncture of the I-90 and I-15 Interstates, The Port of Montana integrates the rail transportation services of two major class one railroads and the convenience of cross-continental truck transportation. This unique distribution capability is combined with easy transfers between rail and truck with full-service transloading and secure warehousing facilities. Companies leverage the economies of long-haul rail service with the flexibility of over-the-road shipping to affordably distribute automobiles, agriculture products, building materials, fuels, steel, ore and many other commodities across North America, into Canada and Mexico, and to destinations beyond.


Import and export of products is made simple by the wealth of shipping options located within 30 miles of the TIFID. In addition to standard shipping centers in Butte and Anaconda, the following carriers, as well as many more, have freight shipping centers near the TIFID.